About Us

Trust for Rural Upliftment STrategies (TRUST) is a registered Not for Profit,   Non-Government Organization (NGO)/Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act 1882, (hereinafter the provisions applicable under the amendments to the Act in 2009) in Bangaluru (Karnataka) on 24th November 1997. The TRUST is also registered under section 12A of Indian Income Tax Act and is eligible to obtain foreign funds under Foreign Contribution Regulation (India) Act of 1976.

Our Vision

An educated, enlightened and empowered   child populace living and enjoying the childhood in a healthy and peaceful environment and with dignity and self-respect.

Our Mission

To work for the achievement of our goals, regarding the betterment of life for the deprived, marginalized, migrant/street children by providing them the better education and opportunities to grow in a better environment. Also train such children to become self-dependent in order to live a dignified life.

Our Values

We are committed to achieve our objective of integrated and sustainable development of the children, their families and the community.

We are accountable to our   children, our partners,  our supporters, our well-wishers for the effective and efficient management of the resources.

We value  and treasure our human resources, which has taken the responsibility of changing the fortunes of our un-fortunate and under privileged children, their families and the community.

We are open to   new and innovative ideas, valuable suggestions and make mid-course changes, if need be,  for further improvement in the quality of our output aimed at attaining the sustained development of the children and community.


Objectives of the Organisation

  • Evolve programmes for education at primary levels and Non-Formal Education (NFE) for school dropouts, out of school children, working children, adolescent girls and adults. Strengthen Culture and Values in Education.
  • Improve the health and nutritional status of women and children by conducting awareness and service programmes in the areas of health, hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, RCH/MCH, HIV/AIDS Contro l & Prevention, etc.
  • Organize poor   and   under-privileged women into Self Help Groups (SHG) for their socio-economic development and empowerment.
  • Work for eradication of Child Labour and Rehabilitation of the affected Children and provide quality and continuing education to the deprived children.
  • Provide Vocational Training Programmes to increase employment opportunities for the youth, adolescent girls and women and promote Income Generating Programmes.
  • Create Environmental Awareness, undertake Environmental Improvement activities and take up experimental and innovative programmes in the field of Environmental Orientation to School Children.
  • Ensure equal opportunities, equity and social justice to persons with disabilities and evolve methods to reach large number of people, who had little or no access to services by conducting awareness and service programmes in the areas of their need and aspirations.

TRUST has successfully completed 14 years of dedicated service in the areas of child centered community development.  TRUST endeavors to help children, their families and the community to overcome poverty, secure lasting improvements in the quality of their lives, and facilitate the empowerment of the poor in the process of social development. TRUST is firmly committed to ensure that children enjoy and access to  their rights to have   education, health care, nutrition needs. TRUST is also committed to eliminate all sorts of child labour practices and rehabilitate the affected children and families through Education and Empowerment programs.      We have worked to identify and meet the needs and aspirations of the rural and urban poor children,  through participatory approaches to development.

TRUST   has been able to make a visible impact in the area of its operations and over the years, it has developed skills and expertise in initiating, implementing and managing a variety of projects. We have maintained excellent rapport with the community, donors, government, partners  and other supporters. Many of the initiatives of the organization are well recognized and appreciated by the officials of different departments of Govt. of Karnataka and other networking/partner organizations. TRUST  has on its rolls   skilled, committed and trained staff.     Human resource development (HRD) is on top of the organization’s priorities.    We have developed greater gender sensitivity in all areas of our operations.  We have created spaces for women, helping them build   confidence and skills.  Women staff has been deployed in large numbers for project management. Our expertise lies in recognizing/locating the problems, chalking out their most appropriate solution and initiating a strong action to achieve our goal. We have a dedicated team of  well trained workers on its roll to meet the demands of the organization and our social actions.