TRUST Child Sponsorship means Educated Children, Empowered Families, Elated Communities and a   Flourishing India. Child Sponsorship is a long-term commitment and its effect is   sustainable and long-lasting.     Child Sponsorship is a unique relationship between you and Your Sponsored Child.

When you become a TRUST Child Sponsor, you will be signing to help the child to come out of the clutches of poverty and uncertainties and giving the   much needed hope and future for the child.       For Rs. 1500/- (US $ 33), a month, you can make a lasting impact on the child, its family, and its community.  Your sponsorship commitment ensures improved health care, enhanced nutrition, quality education, clean and green environment and economic empowerment.      As a sponsor, you will get the satisfaction of being associated not only with the progress of your child but also its immediate environs.    You can keep in touch with the child through letters and personal visits and we will also keep you posted of the child’s progress at regular intervals.   

One month of Child   sponsorship is Rs1500 and for one full year it will be Rs.1500 X 12 Months = Rs. 18,000.

This Child Sponsorship Program helps migrant and marginalized under-privileged children living in Slums and Urban Homeless Pockets in and around Bangalore.

Sponsor us and get Tax benefits under 80G