Message from DC to TRUST
Message from District Commissioner to TRUST
Message from Dr. Joseph Piro
Message from Dr. Joseph Piro, Associate Professor, Long Island University

What our Partners and Supporters say About Us

  • Dr. Anupama Taranath and her students from the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Washington visited the TRUST project in September 2004 and she writes : “Mr. Madhusudhan and the teachers at his school (as well as his wife) are some of the most gracious, genuine, and lovely people with whom I have had the pleasure of interacting. It seems to me they are doing great work with a spirit of collaboration and respect that is not so common in non-for-profit work either in the US or in India. We had excellent visits with them (which comprised of speaking at length about the school mission, playing with the students for hours, and discussing the politics of child labour and organizing strategies with the teachers). I look forward to visiting them each time I am in Bangalore from now on”.
  • A Fulbright funded team with 16 American Teachers lead by Sarah Loudon, SAM’s Senior Museum Co-ordinator visited PPI supported TRUST project in Bangalore during August 2003. Sarah Loudon said in her report that “she was highly impressed with the work Sri Madhusudan is doing in eliminating child labour practices through Non-formal Education”.
  • Ms. Poornima Prakash, Vice Chairman, Karnataka State Social Welfare Advisory Board, Bangalore, who visited the TRUST on 5th April 2002, records…Felt Very Happy about the Programme. All the Best!
  • Ms. Vidya and Srinath of USA visited the TRUST school on 11.04.2003 and they record their observation thus “we were very much thrilled and excited at the enthusiasm and dedication of the children and the teachers, who take great pleasure in teaching these under-privileged children. We were aghast when the children recited sanskirt shlokas, shared their drawings and the handicraft works done by them. We wish all the very best to Madhu and his team of dedicated teachers and continue the good work.
  • Mr. Shashi Baig of VV Giri National Labour Institute, Nodia, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India, New Delhi during his visit  to the  TRUST managed NCLP school on 21.07.2003 comments comments, “It is good to see the motivation with which the TRUST is working and helping these children to be mainstreamed. I wish them success”.
  • Mr. Vinod C Khanna, Founder President, HPS Foundation during  his exploratory visit to the TRUST on 05.08.2003, records, “It was a pleasure meeting and talking to the children. Good Luck”.

  • Popular Kannada Cine Actor and Member of Karnataka Legislative Council (MLC) on 14.11.2003 “I sincerely thank and congratulate TRUST which is working for the welfare of children with all the enthusiasm and wish that they continue this great  work for a long time to come”.